2009  I’m WILL 潘瑋柏未來世界巡迴演唱會 "12/6 台北小巨蛋"







2009  I’m WILL 潘瑋柏未來世界 台北演唱會團購注意事項








潘瑋柏 Will Pan

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  • JasJas
  • wow..

    waw..that's great..last time when I watched tv show got heard Wilber said that he wished to..and now really got it..=]
    fans in Taiwan are so lucky..I'm from Malaysia..so that I can't join in..=[ but anyway..hope that Wilber can success..=D
  • 笨婷
  • 挖 一定預購的

    期待哦 瑋柏加油 !!!
  • V
  • great

    我等一下便要買票了``jasjas,,you can go la,,i'm from hongkong.but i'm going too```
    will 加油呀``你終於實現夢想了```support u mauhx``
  • JasJas
  • aiz..

    haiz...can't la..because my parents 100% won't let me go..='(

    Wilber, gambateh!!
  • smallred1208
  • ˊˋ''

    我媽一定不會讓我去 :((



    加油 :)



  • will7688
  • 瑋柏加油加油!!
  • Your American Fans.
  • can you plzzzzz post something in English?????

    ps. we love you
  • Bowz
  • Hi,

    I tried to buy tickets online, but I have to have a TW address to sign up for members to buy tickets. I dont' live in TW, but I will be going to TW during december, and I really want to watch Will's concert. Can anyone tell me how I can buy tickets for this concert? Thanks!!

  • wp23
  • 隻可惜我們內地的飛去好貴啊 上班又抽不齣時間
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • dear-je
  • My "Hi" to Wilber Pan

    I'm Je from Indonesia, I'm studying in 師大 now and I know u a couple of years ago but never know that u're very Friendly and Funny guy.. I saw u twice at 西門 in ur autograph session (the first one was for the album and the second one was signing ur concert ticket) Some of my friends are going to ur concert on December 12, 2009 可是我不能去因為我買不起它. 但是沒關係,因為我的朋友能告訴我怎麼是你的演唱會. 那你一定要 加油! 因為我想聽聽我的朋友告訴我, How awesome your concert is.. Wilber, 加油!!! ^_^v
  • dear-je
  • Hi to Bowz

    Hey Bowz, too bad that u can't buy the ticket online.. but I live in Taipei if u really want to go to the concert maybe I can help u to buy the ticket.. Don't worry I'll do it for free u only need to pay for the concert ticket ^_^v give me email if u really want it. my email is dear-jeHOTMAIL .com
    God Bless ^_^v
  • dear-je
  • Ups

    對不起Will 我寫錯了;p 你的演唱會不是12月12日可是12月6日 Ha8 對不起喔.. 可是我還要說: "加油! 加油! 加油!" ^_^v
  • jc
  • best of luck

    all the best to Will....... hope that ur concert is a great sucess...... I really wna watch ur concert but since i'm leaving in M'sia i cnt go.... so plz come to M'sia!!!!!!! All The Best
  • 俊俊
  • 加油